Business and Human Rights

We work to ensure business and investments align with human rights norms by convening, educating, and mobilizing our global network of investors—who collectively control $7 trillion in assets under management—and corporations to address inequality as a systemic risk in order to build a more just, inclusive, and equitable economy and society for the future.

Workplace Dignity and Workers’ Rights

We advance the rights and dignity of workers through a multi-pronged approach, including offering the business community tools to center dignity in their workplace practices, and advocating to strengthen workers rights—especially for those excluded from protections.

Diversified and Equitable Access to Capital

We measure and evaluate institutional investors and asset managers’ actions to advance diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility, across their people, portfolios, and business practices.

Ethical Development and Deployment of Technology

We leverage the influence of our network and collaborate with civil society advocates to protect a strong and vibrant democracy including the ethical development and deployment of technology.

Investments in Communities and the Planet

We call for shifting away from systems that perpetuate racial inequity and harm to the planet—such as the carceral system and fossil fuels—and instead advocate for the reinvestment in solutions that uplift underserved communities and center a just transition for our planet and society.

$7 trillion

Under management of core investors in our network


U.S. state pension plans represented


Institutional investors and investment consultants in our database

Our Work

We offer resources, insights, tools, and papers to educate, track progress, and offer guidance on actions to move forward.

We leverage financial influence for change by directing our community to critical efforts, from shareholder letters, to collective statements, to legislative advocacy.

We curate timely virtual and in-person events to bring together our community to collectively work towards our shared goals. These include our premier RFK Compass Summer Investors Conference at the Kennedy Compound, our Regional Fall Summits, and digital roundtable discussions.

Meet Our Team

The RFK Compass Advisory Committee brings together a highly respected group of institutional investors, asset managers, and human rights academics to develop and present valuable content for achieving superior risk-adjusted returns while having a positive impact on society.

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