Global Affiliates

An ever-expanding network, Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights’ International Affiliates provide on the ground teaching, training, and assistance to human rights defenders across Europe and beyond. At a critical moment in global history, these organizations coordinate projects in defense of human rights and work to eradicate systemic racism, discrimination, and violence.

Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Italy

Working to defend human rights across Italy and its neighboring countries, we focus on immigration issues, protecting immigrants’ rights and combating systemic racism during the integration process and as well as during life afterwards. The team regularly hosts and trains activists from around the world at our Florence headquarters.

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Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Spain

At a critical juncture in contemporary Spain, we are focused on building a culture based on our shared humanity through individual and community-based human rights activism. We train teachers to implement human rights education in schools across Spain, and help students become human rights defenders in their own communities, creating change through action.

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Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Greece

A dedicated and enthusiastic partner in creating the next generation of human rights defenders, we bring together leaders, educators, and young people with the aim of training everyday champions of human rights throughout Greece.

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Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights United Kingdom

Our organization exists to inspire and empower people to make decisions and take actions that will help make human rights a reality for all—to become Ripples of Hope in their communities and across the world. We believe that human rights are not simply ideals or beliefs to be held—they are a guide for everyday decision making, until they become reality for all.

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Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Switzerland

Inspired by Robert F. Kennedy’s vision of a more just and peaceful world, we strive to contribute to a society in which every human being knows, respects, and protects human rights through responsible action. We teach young people that they cannot stand aside, they must creatively explore human rights and address the most pressing issues of the day.

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