We envision a world where human rights education is ingrained into the fabric of all educators’ pedagogy and young people are empowered to become human rights defenders.

Educators are at the heart of human rights education.  Our Human Rights Education (HRE) program seeks to provide educators with the resources and support they need to successfully incorporate human rights learning into their curriculum, activities, programming, and school culture. We do this by education about, through, and for human rights.

John Lewis Young Leaders is a network of youth advocates on college campuses around the nation. The program empowers students to become politically active and to advance human rights and social justice in their communities.

Become an empowered human rights defender by broadening the way you see, understand, and engage in the world. Join together with human rights defenders from around the world to take action in your school, community, and abroad.

Our Human Rights Education program shows teachers how to foster rights-respecting learning environments that support students’ dignity and agency, encouraging them to identify as human rights defenders. In college, our John Lewis Young Leaders fellowship program teaches leadership development, issue advocacy, civic engagement, and the principles of community organizing to advance human rights. But this work is only possible because of the generosity of supporters like you.

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