2020 Student Summer Programming
About our Youth Summer Series

Join the Speak Truth to Power program as we kick off our first-ever virtual Youth Summer Series for students interested in human rights, social justice, theater and the arts, community organizing, and creating meaningful change in their communities and in themselves. The series will include two programs: Youth Organizing and the Arts and Human Rights. Sessions are open to students in grades six through university level, and space is limited so be sure to register! If you have questions, please contact us at sttp@rfkhumanrights.org.

Student Track 1: Youth Organizing (Tuesdays at 2 pm EDT)

During these sessions, students will:

  • hear a firsthand account of advocating for human rights and social justice in a time of crisis
  • learn the basics of community organizing and discuss ways to take action
  • share your issues, the changes you want to see, and the actions you have taken or want to take
  • develop long- and short-term goals, and create a plan of action 

Session 1, July 14: Community Organizing 101

Session 2, July 21: A Deeper Dive: Developing Long- and Short-Term Goals

Session 3, July 28: A Deeper Dive: Targets and Tactics, Tactics, Tactics 

Session 4, August 4: A Deeper Dive: Measuring Impact: the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, SDGs, and My Community

Session 5, August 11: Report-outs

Student Track 2: The Arts and Human Rights (Thursdays at 4 pm EDT)

During these sessions, students will:

  • hear from art activists creating change in their communities through the arts
  • learn about current STTP Arts Program offerings
  • learn about different forms of social justice theater 
  • develop monologues based on the lives and work of human rights defenders
  • understand how to create change in your communities through the arts

Session 1, July 16: Introduction to the Arts and Human Rights

Session 2, July 30: What Is Social Justice Theater?

Session 3, August 16: Monologue Development and Collaboration

Session 4, August 27: Putting the Pieces Together and Share-out

Session 5, September 10: Virtual performance of the Speak Truth to Power play