Workplace Dignity

Human rights don’t end at the workplace door. Organizations that honor the dignity of individual workers are more engaging, more equitable—and ultimately more successful. We connect Robert F. Kennedy’s legacy of human rights advocacy to issues in the workplace, offering actionable strategies and tools for organizations and their leaders, amplifying the voices of workplace-dignity champions, and supporting dignity-advancing legislation.

How Managers Can Advance Dignity

Managers play a central role in honoring dignity in the workplace. These leaders set the workplace tone, and employees take their cues from the behavior they model. We offer practical ways to advance dignity that foster team-building and employee engagement.

Build trust with your team members

When colleagues trust each other, their work relationships are stronger, they are more committed to the organization, and they make more positive contributions. Productivity increases and stress levels drop, which improves retention and fuels stronger performance.

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Foster a safe and open environment

Safety is at the core of dignity. In a safe environment, people can speak up, give feedback, and bring up dignity violations without fear of being ignored or punished. They also need to feel confident that workplace safety measures are being followed.

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How Organizations Can Advance Dignity

Organizational policies and processes shape workplace dignity in ways that affect everyone. We offer structural strategies designed to advance dignity, giving organizations the opportunity to prove that valuing employees as their “most prized asset” is more than a talking point.


Hiring is the first workplace dignity touch point. The element of inclusion should be factored in when looking for talent, planning outreach, reviewing applications, designing the interview and hiring processes, and more.

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Internal communications

Regular communication plays a central role in building employees’ trust in their employer. These communications drive workplace culture and influence employees’ attitudes and outlook.

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