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Most Employers Say They Treat Workers With Dignity, but Employees Disagree

New research released by Willis Towers Watson in conjunction with Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights found that most employers (87%) plan to create a culture of workplace dignity over the next three years, recognizing that promoting “an environment in which employees can experience a sense of self-respect, pride and self-worth” fosters wellbeing, engages talent, and in the end, drives business results.

The survey, while promising, revealed a distinct disparity between employers’ and employees’ perceptions of workplace dignity: 81% of employers think workers are treated with respect and dignity regardless of their job, level or role, compared with 65% of workers who feel the same. Nearly four in five employers said they encourage employees to speak up, while half of workers agreed. What’s more, 80% of employers said they believe their senior leadership is sincerely interested in their workers’ wellbeing. Half of workers agreed.

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