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Make Black and Brown Queer Votes Matter

A large political movement, driven by the President himself, appears hell bent on discouraging COVID-19 safe voting practices, the Los Angeles Blade writes, recognizing that making it harder to vote by mail will either suppress or dissuade the opposition from voting.

To help address this problem, Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights has pulled together a PSA video made for young, queer, and BIPOC voters, many of whom will be casting their ballots for the first time in November, on how to avoid common mistakes that could lead their votes to be disqualified.

Filmmaker Kadar Small told the Blade: “When I was first contacted by RFK Human Rights to create a PSA about registering to vote and meeting election deadlines, I knew it was important for me to not only create something ‘aesthetically pleasing’ but to be able to identify myself and my community within the video. We purposely cast all Black and queer individuals knowing my community has been so deeply affected by the last presidential election and will be heavily impacted by this year’s as well. If we want to see change in November, it’s our job to hold one another accountable and actually take the proper steps towards progress by voting and making our voices heard.”

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