Through different mediums of art, students will develop projects that creatively express their personal relationship with human rights. By using art to find creative solutions to community and global issues, students will take transformative action that will allow them to see, understand, and engage with the world in a personal and meaningful way.

Learn how to become a changemaker who promotes and defends human rights in your community by designing targeted and achievable action plans through community mapping and organizing.

Use this comprehensive youth organizing slide deck to facilitate workshops that will provide an introduction to human rights and organizing. The workshop is designed to be self-paced and to be used as a starting point to discuss questions and ideas for organizing in your local community.

Helping Afghan Refugees In Pennsylvania

Our 2022 Video Contest Winner “When Home is the Mouth of a Shark” focuses on the work Lindsey Stephenson, a post-doctoral fellow at Princeton, and students from George School are doing to ensure Afghan refugees are welcomed and can successfully navigate daily life in the United States.

These young defenders, nominated by people in their communities, showcase the inspiring strides youth are taking to advance and promote human rights. View their profiles to learn more about their projects and campaigns.