Meet five innovative and inspiring human rights educators and learn how they are preparing the next generation of human rights defenders.

How Speak Truth to Power is Relevant in Students’ Communities

Incorporating windows and mirrors into your teaching can allow students to see themselves and others in their human rights learning and advocacy.

How Speak Truth to Power Promotes Social and Emotional Learning

Connecting human rights education and social-emotional learning so that students have the knowledge and skills to thrive in school and life.

How Speak Truth to Power Prepares Students for C3 Standards

Helping students understand what it means to be an engaged and active citizen.

Speak Truth to Power’s Real World Applications in the Classroom

Teaching that supports students in their everyday lives: building character, creating connections, and knowing how to treat one another.

How Speak Truth to Power Helps Teach 21st Century Skills

Preparing students to handle 21st-century challenges using communication, critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity.