Join us in creating change

Over the past 52 years, RFK Human Rights has worked to protect the rights of the most vulnerable among us. In the midst of the movement against anti-Black racism, and against the backdrop of a global pandemic, we are especially mindful that the fight for economic and racial equality is far from over. Today, we are accelerating our pursuit of equal justice as we work to seize the moment and move the world forward. Here’s what we’ve been doing:

Shrinking systems of mass incarceration: As part of our ongoing work to reduce mass criminalization and incarceration, we launched our Emergency Bail Out Action in March. We have been working with local community funds across the country to bail people out of jail as the deadly coronavirus spreads.

Kennedy + Kaepernick: We forged a partnership with Colin Kaepernick and his Know Your Rights Camp, doubling our efforts to free people unjustly detained in jails.

Empowering youth to rise through local systems of power: Through the Young Leaders on Campus program, largely based at schools where the majority of students are students of color like historically Black universities and Hispanic college institutes, we equip students with the skills they need to become community organizers and civic leaders. In June, our team hosted a forum to discuss how students can protest safely, best practices for interacting with police, and how getting involved in local politics turns people power into political change.

Creating anti-racist pedagogies for the classroom: RFK Speak Truth to Power, our human rights education program is producing an ongoing series of webinars and workshops that show educators how to use social and emotional learning to promote equity and racial justice among their students.

Leveraging the power of the investment community: Through our RFK Compass Investor program, we partner with private equity and institutional investment firms to create socially meaningful investment opportunities. To help our investors use their considerable influence to eradicate racism in their industry, we recently issued the RFK Compass Investor Action Plan.

Building workplace dignity: We believe that organizations that prioritize and honor everyone’s dignity—their inherent value and worth—through specific actions and behaviors create more engaged, thriving, and just workplaces. We are committed to connecting the values that underlie our human rights mission to the workplace, and we will launch a new Workplace Dignity program this fall to offer organizations tools and strategies to drive cultural change at work.