The RFK Client Emergency Fund makes it possible for frontline activists, organizers, and movement lawyers to provide urgent financial assistance to individuals struggling to meet basic needs. These individuals often take on great burdens on behalf of the movement and this fund serves as critical support to them in recognition that they cannot do this important work if they are experiencing a financial or other crisis.

Requests for assistance come from impact litigation firms, non-profit legal service organizations, and community activists and organizers. The fund is intended to meet specific, emergency needs of the client. Examples include, but are not limited to, housing, food, transportation, medical needs, and clothing. Once the request is made, RFKHR works expeditiously to process the request and transmit payment to the individual in need as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Although the Fund is in its nascency, it has proven to be an incredibly valuable asset for individuals in need of life-changing support. For instance, housing assistance was provided for a woman who was 8 months pregnant and facing eviction. The fund was able to not only to prevent eviction and ensure that her immediate housing needs were met, but to also pay her rent for 3 additional months so that she will be able to recover from childbirth without fear of homelessness.

Most importantly, the Client Emergency Fund helps individuals maintain their freedom. By providing direct support it helps people remain in their home, keep their job, and put food on the table during the pendency of their criminal or civil case. Without the assistance they could potentially violate a term of their release and be forced to return to jail. Simply put, the fund bridges the gap between the courtroom and the community.

None of this would be possible without the generous support of donors. 100% of proceeds go directly to the Client Emergency Fund and then straight to clients. RFKHR is pleased to play this important role in advancing the work of movement lawyers, advocates, and organizers.

Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights is committed to protecting the privacy of our donors.

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