Answering the Call to Act in Uncertain Times: A Virtual Summit for Investors
October 28, 2020 | 12 - 5 PM EDT

During this time of urgency and opportunity in our country and the world, the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Compass Investor Program convened decision-makers from the investment sector who control close to $7 trillion in assets under management and economic and social thought leaders and activists. At our first RFK Compass Virtual Summit, we explored the issues that are upending our society — from the COVID-19 pandemic to the widening racial and economic gaps — while identifying solutions the investment sector can implement to effect change. 

As a sector that wields enormous capital, power, and influence, the investment community has profited tremendously in times of social and economic unrest, but this moment calls for a new approach as we chart a way forward. 

Our fall RFK Compass Investor Virtual Summit was hosted on October 28, 2020 as part of our urgent call to action as we were approaching a critical election. To view the recordings of each session, click here

Testimonials from Institutional Investors in Attendance 

"The content and speakers line-up were great as always - kudos for rounding up everyone!!"

"I'd like to congratulate you on its success, as it was extremely insightful and informative. Additionally, the attendee experience was phenomenal."

"It was great to attend today's RFK Compass Virtual Summit. You guys hosted a phenomenal set of speakers and the technology worked perfectly!"

Summit Speakers are listed below. Click here to view the full agenda and information about our sessions and speakers. The virtual summit highlighted:

  • The impact COVID-19 has had in changing, enhancing, and legitimizing ESG for many investors and the importance of addressing ESG risks in the short and long-terms, with a renewed focus on the “social” considerations in ESG.
  • How A.I., facial recognition, and other monitoring technologies that have seen increased investments are being weaponized against communities of color.
  • The role investors can play in protecting civic space, especially in eliminating the growing trend of surveillance capitalism.
  • How fund managers are navigating deals, investment opportunities, philanthropy, and changes to their organizational structures and culture in response to the current racial and economic climate.
  • How racial equity investing may help investors stay ahead of critical demographic trends, serve a growing consumer base, enhance risk management, and identify investment opportunities that have unique sources of alpha.
  • Opportunities in the market that are ripe for private equity and private credit, especially in software investing, a growth market, and telehealth.
  • How to approach 2021 in light of current trends in the global and domestic markets, political uncertainties, the COVID-19 pandemic, and growing social unrest.   
Speaker Lineup

Greg Asbed
Co-Founder, Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW)
Essma Bengabsia
Senior Associate, Sustainable and Impact Investing, Glenmede Trust
Giulia Corinaldi
Director-Inclusive Economies, Thomson Reuters Foundation
Cian Cotter
Managing Director, Insight Partners
Sancia Dalley
SVP of Strategic Partnerships and Investor Engagement
Thomas DiNapoli
54th Comptroller of the State of New York
John Dionne
Senior Lecturer, Harvard Business School
J. David Enriquez
Head of Private equity, Bureau of Asset Management, Office of the New York City Comptroller
Mark Evans
Principal Investment Officer, Connecticut Retirement Plans and Trust Funds
David Fann
Vice Chairman, Aksia
Patricia Farrar-Rivas
Founding Principal and Chief Executive Officer, Veris Wealth Partners
José E. Feliciano
Managing Partner and Co-Founder, Clearlake Capital Group; Co-Chairman, Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights
Kathlika Fontes
Director of Investor Relations, Grain Management
Maria Ghazal
Senior Vice President and Counsel, Business Roundtable
Tracy Harris
Partner, Investor Relations & Product Strategy, Siris Capital
Kristine Jurczyk
Managing Director, Vista Credit Partners
Kerry Kennedy
Lindsey King
Partner and Head of Investor Relations, Crestview Partners
Hannah Lucal
Associate Director, Open MIC
Michael Musuraca
Advisory Committee Member, Investor Alliance for Human Rights
Shankar Narayan
Co-Principal, MIRA!
Michael H. Posner
Director of the NYU Stern Center for Business and Human Rights
Emma Pullman
Capital Stewardship Officer, B.C. Government and Service Employees’ Union (BCGEU)
Amy Ridge
Alternatives, Mercer
John W. Rogers, Jr.
Chairman, CEO & Chief Investment Officer, Ariel Capital Investments
Marvin S. Rosen
Shareholder, Greenberg Traurig, LLP and Board Member, Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights
​R. Scott Spielvogel
Managing Partner and Co-Founder, One Rock Capital Partners LLC
Evelysse Vargas
Senior Investment Analyst, New York City Board of Education Retirement System (BERS)
Sean Ward
Managing director, Dyal Capital Partners

As a core program under the Business & Human Rights portfolio of Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights, the RFK Compass Investor Program seeks to inform investment decision-makers of the human rights issues to consider during their investment process of seeking superior, risk-adjusted returns. The RFK Compass Investor Program provides appropriate connections and tools to support their work on the “S” in ESG in order to catalyze action that will yield both profits and positive impact for people and the planet. The RFK Compass Investor conferences, which convenes close to 300 investment decision-makers who collectively control close to $7 in assets under management, offer timely discussions and intimate networking for attendees, structured around themes impacting the investment community today, while also highlighting topics that intersect on human rights including diversity & financial inclusion, technology & information, and labor & supply chain.

Thank You to the Sponsors of Our 2020 RFK Compass Virtual Investor Summit
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