Use people metrics to better understand the workforce and drive accountability

Accountability is an important dignity element. And what’s measured matters: Data, including diversity data, can indicate problem spots on the ground, including sometimes unforeseen structural inequities. Organizations that compile and share workforce-related data and measure sentiments regarding the behaviors that honor dignity and drive inclusion are holding themselves accountable to their commitments. Listening to employees shows that the organization values their voices, which honors dignity. Failing to carefully collect, share, and act on this data signals to employees, particularly those in underrepresented groups, that form trumps substance when it comes to dignity and inclusion.

“The true culture of an organization is the cumulative product of daily interactions between colleagues or among managers and teams. Gathering data that reveals what’s happening in these interactions—and, more importantly, acting on it—is essential.” (Fast Company)

  • People analytics or other human resources teams

  • Communications teams

  • Operations teams

  • Policy/legal teams

  • Inclusion and diversity teams

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