Hiring processes offer a clear starting point for advancing workplace dignity. The dignity-honoring element of inclusion is a key factor here—organizations should consider where they look for talent (seeking to reach untapped labor pools), how they reach out to potential candidates, what signals they send with the application, how they conduct interviews, and more. Dignity-centered recruitment pushes back on “hard-to-find” tropes (relating to under-represented groups), and consistently sees and appreciates the full individuality and experiences of all candidates, wherever they might be, and what they can add to organizational culture (as opposed to a rigid focus on “fitting in” to it), as well as unique needs they may have during the process, and what may be front of mind for them as individuals.

  • Talent acquisition/recruiting, operations

  • Human resources partners to talent acquisition/recruiting (such as HR business partners, people analytics, people operations)

  • Communications teams

  • Inclusion and diversity teams

  • Hiring managers

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