Testimony to the House Committee on Government Operations, U.S. Court House, Foley Square, New York City

April 29, 1966


New York, NY

Why shouldn’t young people who will be enticed to smoke by cigarette advertising be spoken for when the tobacco interests are heard so clearly? Why shouldn’t the users of electricity be heard when the giant utilities are spoken for so effectively? Why shouldn’t those who borrow from banks be heard as well as the financial institutions themselves? Why shouldn’t the purchasers and viewers of the television sets be heard as well as the spokesmen for the networks and the manufacturers? Why shouldn’t those who pay exorbitant prices for drugs be heard as well as the drug manufacturers? Why shouldn’t the airline passengers be heard as well as the airlines? It is not easy to organize the consumers so that their point of view can be consistently and effectively set forth. But a Federal Department, specifically charged with that obligation, could give the consumer the voice he needs, in the regulatory process.