Statement to the Senate

July 12, 1966


Washington, D.C.

In looking forward toward legislation, I believe that major emphasis must be given to air pollution research and development. For this is an area where a major investment will pay dividends. We need to experiment with new processes for removing sulfur from coal and fuel oil . . . We also need a major investment in power transmission technology so that we can carry electric power from power plants located near our coal mines to our cities . . . And we also must continue our development of economical nuclear power to provide pollution free power generators in our cities . . . We also need to explore ways to eliminate pollution from automobile engines . . . We also need to explore the possibilities of electric cars . . . The battery driven car can be a practical vehicle for suburban and city driving . . . An effective air pollution control program also requires a coordination with other major Federal programs. Our national fuel policies, affecting the availability of better grade fuel oil, the development of natural gas, and the utilization of coal, need to be related to our air pollution problems.