Speech Delivered at the Democratic State Committee Dinner in Columbus, Ohio

October 8, 1966


Columbus, OH

In this entire century the Democratic party has never been invested with power on the basis of a program which promised to keep things as they were. We have won when we pledged to meet the new challenges of each succeeding year. We have won when we pledged to extend the fruits of American life to the poor and the oppressed. We have won when we pledged to enlarge the liberties and well-being and hopes of our fellow citizens and of people around the world. We have triumphed not in spite of controversy, but because of it, not because we avoided problems but because we faced them. We have won not because we bent and diluted our principles for the sake of political expediency, but because we stood fast for those ideals which represent the most generous and noble portion of the American spirit. If we forget this great lesson, if we place the claims of power ahead of the claims of justice, if we shrink principle in the face of the passing winds of controversy of reaction or ignorance, then we will have lost the great purpose which has made us strong, and with it our claim to the allegiance and support of the majority of the American people.