Senate Speech

July 21, 1966


Washington, D.C.

The population of this globe grows every day, nowhere faster than in the underdeveloped nations. In the next fifteen years, the population of Latin America alone will be fifty percent greater than it is now. Already more than half the world’s people are under the age of 25; within a few years, the majority will be under 18. We have it within our power to give to millions of these young people a greater chance at a decent life—to now have a major effect on the course of their next thirty or forty years. Millions are without schools—and we can help to build schoolrooms; millions more are without textbooks, or teachers— and we can help to provide textbooks and train teachers; others cannot eat—and we have food . . . A relatively modest investment now can make a difference, in 5 or 10 years, to as much as half the world’s people— including our own.