Remarks at the Catholic University, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

November 25, 1965


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

We are finding that it is not enough to say that justice should be done—or even to pass laws commanding that justice be done. Laws and speeches do not build schools. They do not put capable teachers in the schools. And they do not give children the food, the clothing, the books and the encouragement they need if they are to stay in the shiny new school we build. Laws by themselves will not make a land reform—if farmers do not also have access to credit and technical assistance and fertilizers. Laws and economic aid and reforms by themselves will not create jobs—unless someone is determined to use these economic resources to create the jobs. Laws by themselves will not ensure farm workers the minimum wage—unless we act to ensure that the laws are enforced. And all our economic, social and material progress will be for nothing—if we do not at the same time move toward increasing freedom, toward a society where all can freely speak and act to share in the decisions which shape their lives.