Address at the Dinner Honoring Congressman James C. Corman at the Sportsmen’s Lodge, Los Angeles, California

October 21, 1966


Los Angeles, CA

Education is the key to the future for every one of our children. In a world such as this, it does not matter what material goods we leave our children—but it is vitally important that we give them the best education that is available. There are those who think education a luxury and cooperation between Americans a socialist plot. They are for education, if the Federal government has no part in it; for education, but they must say what they will be taught and what they will not; for education, except if it costs money. But if this country is to keep its place of leadership in the world, if we are to be adequate to the unprecedented challenges we face, then we must have education— not education but, not education if, not education except; we need the most of the best education it is within our power to give to our children.