Ways to support human rights defenders and journalists in the context of the Ukraine crisis

Safety and documentation resources for journalists and CSOS

CPJ’s Resources for Journalists and Reporters

  • The Committee to Protect Journalists has pooled together a list of resources and key safety information for journalists and reporters covering the invasion and crisis, including:

IFK Media Safety Advisory for Journalists

  • This site is a safety advisory for journalists in Ukraine by the International and European Federations of Journalists.

National Union of Journalists of Ukraine’s Hotline for journalists

  • The National Union of Journalists of Ukraine has set up a hotline for journalists in Ukraine through email [email protected] and [email protected], and to a landline in Kyiv via 0442342096.

PILPG’s Transitional Justice and Documentation

  • This portal by the Public International Law and Policy Group provides capacity-building for CSOs and individuals seeking to document crimes and human rights violations in Ukraine. The resources are available in both English and Ukrainian.

Funds for journalists

Canadian Journalists for Free Expression: Journalists in Distress Fund

  • This fund provides humanitarian assistance to journalists around the world whose lives and well-being are threatened because of their work.

  • To apply, download the application form found here. Applications are only accepted in English.

  • Funding amounts typically range from $500 to $1,500 CAD.

The Committee to Protect Journalists: Gene Roberts Fund for Emergency Assistance

  • This emergency assistance is for journalists at risk. To apply, contact the Committee to Protect Journalists at [email protected] to provide information about your circumstances and the reasons for funding assistance.

  • To report a press freedom violation please contact the appropriate regional CPJ staff here.

  • Funding amounts vary.

Free Press Unlimited: Reporters Response Emergency Fund

  • This fund provides emergency assistance for reporters.

  • Please contact [email protected] with any application questions. The application can be completed in English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese.

  • Funding amounts vary.

International Federation of Journalists’ Safety Fund

  • The IFJ’s Safety fund provides financial assistance for journalists facing violence, persecution and threat or needing medical treatment.

  • The application form is available in English here.

International Media Support: The Safety Fund

  • The Safety Fund provides immediate support for journalists who are victimized as a direct result of their journalistic work.

  • To apply, please email or call the International Media Support direct contact listed on the site.

Reporters Without Borders: Individual Support

  • The Assistance Desk of Reporters Without Borders (RSF) provides financial and administrative assistance to professional journalists and citizen-journalists who have been the victims of reprisals because of their reporting.

  • Contact [email protected] (+33 1 4483 6056) for NGO and media outlet requests.

  • Contact [email protected] (+33 1 4483 8466): for individual requests for assistance.

Rory Peck Trust’s Crisis Fund

  • The Crisis Fund provides grants to freelance journalists to help with costs associated with an immediate crisis and can help with finance to help cover the cost of essential safety kit for journalists.

  • The application is available in English, Russian, Arabic, French, and Spanish.

Funds for human rights defenders

Agir Ensemble pour les Droits de l’Homme

  • Offers emergency financial and legal support to human rights defenders at imminent risk due to their work. Application is available in English, Spanish, and French.

  • Funding amounts vary.

Digital Defenders Partnership: Incident Emergency Fund

  • Provides emergency support to cases of digital threats or attacks against human rights defenders, journalists, activists, and organizations. Applications can be submitted in English.

  • Funds vary up to 10,000 euros.

Frontline Defenders: Protection Grants

  • These grants offer emergency support to human rights defenders facing imminent risk.

  • To apply, complete the Encrypted Online Security Grant Application Form. Applications may be made in English or Russian, among other languages.

  • Grants are for amounts up to a maximum of 7,500 euros.

OMCT: World Organisation Against Torture

  • OMCT provides material assistance and emergency support to human rights defenders at risk working in the most difficult circumstances, in any region of the world.

  • Applications for an emergency grant can be submitted by any human rights defender or NGO who is facing risks because of their human rights work and in need of urgent support. To apply, use the Application Form and send it by email or fax to OMCT International Secretariat, Human Rights Defenders Programme. Email: [email protected]; Tel: +41 22 809 49 39; Fax: +41 22 809 49 29

The International Federation for Human Rights: Financial Support

  • This support fund strengthens the protection capacities of local human rights defenders (HRDs) organizations to prevent and respond to developments adversely affecting HRDs’ & CSO’s.

  • Application is available in English, Spanish, or French.

  • Funding amounts vary between 5,000 and 8,000 euros.

Generally available emergency funding

CSO Lifeline (Freedom House): Emergency Assistance

  • For journalists, human rights defenders, civil society activists and organizations, religious freedom advocates, and LGBTI activists.

  • To apply please contact [email protected] to inquire about submitting an application for assistance.

  • Funding amounts vary.

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