Statement by RFK Human Rights on Paris Terror Attacks

(New York, NY | November 14, 2015) In response to the terrorist attacks in Paris, Robert F, Kennedy Human Rights’ President Kerry Kennedy and European Director Frank La Rue issued the following statements:

“This horrible series of terrorist attacks against the people of Paris yesterday, with the false justification of religious fundamentalism, should be condemned by the entire world but must never break our determination to maintain and defend democracy,” said Kerry Kennedy, President of the RFK Human Rights. “Our hearts, sympathies and condolences go out to the families of the victims and to all people of France.

“These atrocities, committed in the name of false religion fundamentalism, pretend to silence us and break our determination for true democracy, the respect for human rights and global peace. We must increase the level of dialogue, free flow of communication and understanding amongst peoples of different cultures, ethnicities and religion. To build a true culture of peace we must achieve better knowledge and understanding; and must eradicate expressions of hatred and violence,” added Kennedy.

“We must never let violence and terror silence us. Instead we must always raise our voices against that which denies the dignity and fundamental rights of all people,” stated Frank LaRue, Director of Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Europe. “The international community must urgently convene a healthy dialogue of all religions to reiterate the fact that none call for violence or the destruction of human life, but rather believe we will survive to the extent that we understand and enjoy the ethnic, cultural and religious diversity of the world.

“Furthermore, we also want to affirm that the people of France are not alone in this moment of tragedy and grief. An act of violence against any innocent civilian in any part of the world must be understood as an act of violence against all in the world that believe in human rights, justice and peace,” said La Rue.