Speak Truth To Power Awarded $100,000 Grant by Schultz Family Foundation

Two years ago, the Margaruite Casey Foundation provided funding for Speak Truth To Power to develop a project aimed at working with adjudicated youth in Baltimore, in partnership with the Choice Program. The project included designing a manual with an outline for facilitator training, tailored curriculum and additional activities for use with the Choice Program youth.

STTP continued to provide support and guidance throughout the program and as the youth began to learn about STTP defenders and their human rights work they started to identify individuals in Baltimore they looked to as local defenders.

During one of the early sessions, the youth engaged with STTP joined another Choice initiative called Youth In Action, providing a place for youth to have a voice about community issues through various arts mediums.

The program continued to develop based on the interests and needs of the youth. STTP staff attended a youth meeting before they started their video production and the energy and interest in sharing what they had learned was infectious.

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Expanding its work with opportunity youth in Baltimore, Speak Truth To Power (STTP) has been awarded a $100,000 grant by the Schultz Family Foundation. Working in partnership with the Choice Program and Civic Works another Baltimore based community organization that works with young people, the project will be implemented at two sites and build on the successful video project by including a youth-led video production component.