New Trans Rights Lesson Plan for Teachers


New York, NY (March 24, 2021)—Ahead of Transgender Day of Visibility next week, Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights and the Human Rights Campaign have released a new trans rights lesson plan to equip and engage students on how to become better allies of the LGBTQ community.

The free classroom resource centers the stories of five trans and non-binary human rights defenders, providing teachers with the compelling material they need to guide their students on pressing topics, such as the ongoing stigma and violence the LGBTQ community faces, the lack of gender-affirming health care, the urgent need for better identity documents for non-binary individuals, and how the media’s portrayal of transgender people can shape our perspectives.

On Friday, April 2, at 4 p.m. ET, the two organizations will host a virtual event titled, “Celebrating and Defending Trans Lives in the Classroom and Beyond,” to dive deeper into the need for trans rights education. You can register here.

The panel discussion will feature:

  • Tori Cooper (she/her), director of community engagement for the Transgender Justice Initiative at the Human Rights Campaign.
  • Gavin Grimm (he/him), trans activist and board member of the ACLU who fought for equal rights at his local high school, taking the case as far as the Supreme Court.
  • Laura Osterndorf (she/her), training manager for RFK Human Rights’ Speak Truth to Power education program.
  • Jessica Cortes (she/her), member of RFK Human Rights’ Speak Truth to Power team focusing on the intersection of human rights education and modern social work principles.
  • Moderated by Jay Brown (he/him), senior vice president of programs, research, and training for the Human Rights Campaign Foundation.

“If we’re truly going to advance human rights in the classroom and in our country, we must bring learning into our schools that reflects all members of our human family,” said Karen Robinson, director of the Speak Truth to Power education program at RFK Human Rights. “We have so much to learn from the transgender community and we hope this lesson plan will spark honest dialogue and reflection—encouraging the next generation to live confidently as their authentic selves.”

“This lesson plan, ‘Celebrating and Defending Trans and Non-Binary Lives,’ will make an impact in countless classrooms across the country,” said Human Rights Campaign President Alphonso David. “As trans and non-binary kids are under attack in multiple states, it’s more important than ever that we educate all youth and adults about the real issues that trans kids face. The advocates profiled in the lesson plan are all key voices in the fight for trans and non-binary rights, and their stories should be taught in every classroom. The Human Rights Campaign is proud to partner with Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights on this critical resource.”

To download the lesson plan and learn more about RFK Human Rights’ Speak Truth to Power education program, visit And for more on the Human Rights Campaign and their crucial advocacy work, visit

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