Bangladeshi Prime Minister Responds to Kerry Kennedy


Dear Ms. Kennedy,

I write to you in reference to your letter dated 15 November 2018. I also fondly recall our meeting in July this year, I am glad to see your concerns for the persecuted Rohingyas.

I would like to reassure you that Bangladesh has not repatriated a single Rohingya to Myanmar against their will. We have expressed repeatedly that we are committed to safe, dignified and voluntary return of the Rohingyas to their homeland in Myanmar.

Last year, when the persecuted Rohingyas from the Rakhine State of Myanmar started flocking in the border of Bangladesh, we decided to open the border and stand beside them out of our moral conscience. The first and most critical humanitarian response came from our local community, who shared their food, clothing, shelter, etc. Our people continue to make sacrifices by hosting this large number of destitute people and proudly remain united as a nation to uphold the humanity,

I urge, once again, the international community to stay focused and intensify their efforts for peaceful resolution of the Rohingya crisis in Myanmar as the problem is rooted in Myanmar. We believe that international community has a greater role to play in engaging with Myanmar for creating a safe and conducive environment in the Northern Rakhine State for a sustainable solution of the Rohingya crisis as agreed by Myanmar in the bilateral Arrangement of Return signed on 23 November 2017. I also urge all parties to work on ensuring accountability and justice of the perpetrators to prevent recurrence of such barbaric acts.

I thank you once again for your engagement with the Rohingya issue. I wish you good health, happiness and success.

Yours Sincerely,

Sheikh Hasina

Prime Minister of Bangladesh