A Fight Worth Having: An Inauguration Day of Action


I won’t mince words: President Donald Trump’s inauguration means it is more important than ever that Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights redouble its commitment to the full scope of our humanitarian and social justice mission.

We must push forward even more vocally in 2017 not just because several of President Trump’s proposals have raised concerns in civil rights and humanitarian circles. We must push forward because it is the mission of Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights to speak truth to power – regardless of political affiliation.

Though some are pessimistic about the future, I have reason to look ahead with optimism. Across the nation and around the world, advocates for equal justice, human rights and civil liberties speak with a reinvigorated voice.
Though many are only individuals, those individuals, in this moment, are coming together as never before to speak with one voice in support of equality and fairness.

I am proud to join them.

Advocates across issues and continents are energized. They are prepared to fight hard in fights worth having – fights like ensuring equal pay for equal work, criminal justice reform and sustainable corporate governance. This is the moment for words to become actions, and actions to become change.

I hope you will continue to support and engage with RFKennedy Human Rights as we deepen our voice and put the pressing humanitarian issues of our world at center stage.

Are you ready to stand and advance the enduring work of social justice?

Let’s make our voices heard.