Skip McCormick

Skip McCormick is the Director of Data Science in Global Operations and Technology at BNY Mellon. McCormick is focused on enterprise scale predictive analytics in several business areas, driving the reach and impact of predictive analytics and machine learning for the firm. McCormick is responsible for achieving the strategic direction and execution of the firm’s Data Science agenda, focusing on the convergence of information resources from disparate systems into a high-performance professional forecasting foundation to help push BNY Mellon’s data-driven objectives with consistent metrics, governance, and oversight.

McCormick has an uncanny knack for seeing and solving simultaneous technical challenges. Before joining BNY Mellon, McCormick was privileged to serve in national intelligence where he led global-scale enterprise data science and data supercomputing teams, gaining credible expertise solving high-consequence big-data analytics problems with imperfect data, uncertain context, and critical dependencies on dynamic metadata tracking at massive scales.

He is a respected computer science author with deep experience in unpredictable and messy data acquisition and hygiene, regulatory governance, and high-impact strategic problem solving at enterprise scales. He is an agile, resourceful, inspirational leader and team-builder. McCormick grew up in the Seattle, Washington before serving in the US Navy for 10 years as a surface line officer. He is a musician and enjoys building giant-scale Radio-Control WWII aircraft.