Sancia Dalley

Managing Director, DEI Investment Portfolio & HBCU Investment Strategy, PGIM

Sancia Dalley oversees PGIM’s DEI Investment Portfolio, a commitment to investing in emerging managers from underrepresented groups in alternatives. Working across PGIM and Prudential, Dalley conducts manager due diligence, supports program benchmarks, and ensures that investments in the portfolio meet specific program criteria while remaining true to the enterprise’s fiduciary responsibilities.

Dalley joined PGIM from Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Foundation in 2023 where she was senior vice president of investor engagement and director of RFK Compass Investors Program, a platform of 400 institutional investors and asset managers who collectively controlled $7 trillion in assets under management. Dalley advised asset allocators and managers on the integration of the “S” in ESG, chaired the annual investor conference, and created a workstream for increased access to capital and mentorship for emerging managers. She also co-founded and launched the Alpha Equity Initiative to provide better data and reporting on DEI within the Compass Investors community.

With nearly twenty years of experience working at the intersection of business and society, Dalley worked with former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Richard Holbrooke, to build the first impact NGO led by CEOs that drove billions of dollars in products and financing to countries impacted by HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases. Working with Fortune 500 C-suite leaders, Dalley designed and implemented global health workplace and advocacy programs, as well as multi-sector and multi-country co-investment initiatives in Africa, Latin America, and Asia. Dalley also coordinated private sector input into global policy with organizations such as the World Health Organization, Global Fund to Fight HIV/AIDS, TB and malaria, The World Bank and others.

Dalley has a BA from Wesleyan College in international relations and politics, and serves on the Boards of the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights foundation, the E4 Real Estate Foundation, and the Center for Active Design.