Parlamento del Pueblo Xinka

The Parlamento del Pueblo Xinka (Parliament of the Xinka People) is the Assembly of the Xinka Ancestral Authorities, the second largest Indigenous people in Guatemala. The function of the Parliament is to maintain the Xinka people’s own form of ancestral organization, unity among the different Xinka communities, promote the value of Xinka culture, science, technology, cosmovision and spirituality, advocate through a grassroots organizational structure, promote women’s rights and, in doing so, foster wisdom, equity and cultural strength, and protect the Xinka ancestral territory. The Xinka Parliament defends the cultural and territorial rights of the Xinka and other Indigenous peoples. Its work includes demanding respect for the right to prior and informed consultation and participation in peaceful resistance to mining projects. The Xinka Parliament is currently engaged in litigation to reclaim their rights throughout their territory. This includes the right to free, prior and informed consent, the defense of key Xinka authorities who have been criminalized for defending their territory, and the legal leadership of cases seeking accountability for killings, threats and attacks against land and human rights defenders. Despite facing violent reprisals, the Xinka Parliament has achieved major successes, including skillfully securing a favorable ruling from the Constitutional Court, effectively suspending the mining license of the Escobal Mine.