Otoniel Ramos

University of Nevada, Las Vegas



North Las Vegas, NV


Political Science

Expected Graduation Date

May 2025

Your go-to fun fact

My nickname, “Otis,” was given to me by my siblings because my favorite movie growing up was Barnyard, and my favorite character was Otis the cow. My favorite animal also happens to be cows.

Your “feel good” album

“Modus Vivendi” by 070 Shake

If you had to be any type of bird, what type of bird would you be?

I would be the Arctic Tern. I recently learned they have the longest
migration, and who doesn’t like to travel?

What motivates you to be a changemaker in your community?

My primary motivation to be a changemaker in my community is my parents. My parents, both natives of Mexico, came to the United States under challenging circumstances. Being a changemaker in my community not only empowers individuals in the communities I aim to serve but also honors and elevates the sacrifices my parents made in their journey to the United States.