Mike Kubzansky

Chief Executive Officer, Omidyar Network

Mike Kubzansky has served as chief executive officer of Omidyar Network (ON) since 2018, having joined in 2013. ON is a social impact venture dedicated to ensuring that human values control and are at the center of the digital revolution. In the service of these and prior goals, ON acts as a direct VC investor ($650m since inception), a fund investor (24 funds), and a philanthropic grantmaker (over $1bn). Prior to ON Kubzansky worked across private and public sectors in management consulting (10 years), World Bank/IFC, a Web 1.0 start up, and the Massachusetts legislature. His work spans the intersection of public and private markets, and the implications and benefits of the digital revolution dating back to 1996. He has lived twice in South Africa, and worked extensively in India, Africa, and East Asia. He lives in Washington DC with his wife and golden retriever, where his two adult kids (both working journalists) occasionally visit. The current book he is reading is Herbert Bix’ biography of the Emperor Hirohito.