Michael Honey

Acclaimed labor historian Michael Honey received the 2008 Robert F. Kennedy Book Award for Going Down Jericho Road: The Memphis Strike, Martin Luther King’s Last Campaign. In this illuminating history, Honey describes the events that brought Martin Luther King, Jr. to Memphis in the last days of his life: the Sanitation Workers’ Strike of 1968. Honey captures King as he began focusing on the economic roots of racism and injustice.

Michael Honey is an educator who combines scholarship with civic engagement. He teaches African-American, civil rights and labor history and specializes in work on Martin Luther King, Jr. Honey holds the Fred T. and Dorothy G. Haley Endowed Professorship in the Humanities at the University of Washington, Tacoma (UWT) and previously served as the Harry Bridges Chair of Labor Studies for the University of Washington and as President of the Labor and Working-Class History Association.