Meredith Towne

Meredith Towne is a dynamic educator of English and Theatre Arts at the Academy for Software Engineering in New York City who has harnessed the power of storytelling to ignite empathy, inspire change, and promote human rights awareness among her students and the wider community. With a passion for literature, social justice, and the art of narrative, she has woven together her roles as a high school English teacher and a devoted advocate for empathy-driven change.

After attending a Speak Truth To Power Summer Seminar in conjunction with the UFT in 2017, she began to create innovative ways to explore human rights and activism with her 12th grade students. Since then she has continued her work and advocacy as a Lead Educator for Speak Truth To Power. Most recently she brought S.T.T.P. and Narrative 4 together to begin to explore how the power of personal storytelling and the sharing of experience can support learning communities to better understand each other both in and outside of the classroom.