Meredith Baldi

Meredith Baldi is a history, politics, and media literacy teacher, as well as the service-learning coordinator at George School in Newtown, PA. She is also the faculty sponsor of the student Amnesty International club. Generally, in her work at George School, her focus is on helping students understand the world around them and working with them to find experiential opportunities to be active in their communities working towards positive change.

Meredith became involved with the STTP curriculum through her IB Global Politics course, and has found the STTP video contest to be an excellent resource to help students deepen their understanding of human rights, especially the defense of human rights within their own communities. After teaching this contest for several years to great success, Meredith and fellow RFK STTP Lead Educator, Prescott Seraydarian, led a series of workshops at the RFK Summer Institute in San Diego, to help other educators understand the power of film and media to produce social change.

Inspired by the use of film and media to promote change, Meredith & Prescott developed a course at George School called Producing Peace, which is a media literacy course framed through the lens of peace and justice. They have also co-developed a course called Storytelling for Social Justice, which involves bringing students to Greece to volunteer directly in support of the refugee crisis.