Laura Moy

Laura Moy is an associate professor of law at Georgetown. Moy directs Georgetown’s Communications & Technology Law Clinic, where she and a team of staff attorneys and law students represent nonprofit organizations in a range of technology policy matters before agencies and legislative bodies.

Moy got her start on technology issues before she was a lawyer, when she worked in the computer forensics unit at one of the nation’s largest prosecutor’s offices, where she helped prosecutors analyze cell phone location data and occasionally presented her findings in court. In that capacity, she found herself intrigued and somewhat alarmed by how easy it was to use routinely collected digital data to paint a detailed portrait of people’s private lives—and how difficult it was for legal institutions to competently review and scrutinize emerging types of digital evidence.

Her current research interests include how technology tools are used in the criminal legal system and how consumer privacy protections may be leveraged to ensure private information is not used in ways that perpetuate and exacerbate discrimination and other societal ills.

In 2020, Moy served on the Biden-Harris Transition Team as part of the Technology Strategy & Delivery Team as well as the agency review team for the Federal Trade Commission. She is the current chair of the Board of Directors for TechCongress, a nonprofit organization that places computer scientists, engineers, and other technologists to serve as technology policy advisors to members of Congress through fellowships.

Prior to coming to Georgetown, Moy conducted technology policy research and advocacy at New America and Public Knowledge. She completed her BA at the University of Maryland, her JD at New York University School of Law, and her LLM at Georgetown.