Fran Drescher

Fran Drescher was elected SAG-AFTRA president on September 2, 2021. Taking the helm at an unprecedented time in the union’s history. Fran’s uniquely empathic style of leadership has successfully reunified and strengthened the union. Her first term primarily focused on fading partisan allegiances, encouraging a culture of compassion and trust in order to truly empower and protect all members. With time, patience, and a sprinkling of Buddhist wisdom, Fran is leading SAG-AFTRA into a new Golden Age where leadership is guided by wisdom of the heart, creating an atmosphere of openness, and understanding.

Fran’s role as SAG-AFTRA President comes after decades of activism and charitable work. It is an amalgam of her many strengths and professional accomplishments all coming together in one defining moment of leadership.

Passionate advocate, multi-award-winning actress, best-selling author, creative writer and executive producer, and dedicated health and civil rights activist – Fran is renowned for her relentless commitment and determination to turn her pain into purpose and make the world a better place. She has made it her life’s mission to educate, inspire and empower others.

Fran rose to international stardom for her portrayal as the loveable Fran Fine on the hit series, The Nanny, which she both co-created and executive produced. A 23-year cancer survivor, Fran is also the founder and visionary of the Cancer Schmancer Movement. A non-profit dedicated to saving lives through educating, motivating, and activating patients into mindful medical consumers. Preventing disease through the promotion of healthy, non-toxic lifestyles.

Named one of the “Top 5 Celebrity Lobbyists in D.C.” by The Washingtonian, Fran was instrumental in getting the Gynecologic Cancer Education Awareness Act passed by unanimous consent and was appointed Public Diplomacy Envoy by the U.S. State Department during the Bush and Obama Administrations.

From her success on Capitol Hill, to her significant contribution to the arts, Fran’s journey is testament to her courage and unwavering commitment to creating lasting change. Her firm belief in the transformative power of empathy is evident in her achievements. Fran takes on every role with the utmost dedication. Her role as SAG-AFTRA president is no exception. Fran exemplifies what is possible when you lead with empathy, compassion, and grace.

When Fran isn’t busy fighting for workers’ rights and changing the world, she is spending time with her beautiful rescue dog Angel Grace – who coincidentally, also rescued Fran during lockdown.