Erica Shay

Erica Shay is an artist, entrepreneur, human rights advocate, re-integration expert and impact investor who is committed to raising awareness of global inequalities and social justice issues. She is currently an advisor to a number of start-ups including MC2 and MC3 U.S. – powering the environmental social government (ESG) workplace revolution. Shay is also an artist, author and thought leader whose work has appeared in media outlets including The Huffington Post, The Guardian, The Washington Post, France24, BBC and National Geographic. As co-founder of the NGO Pathways to Peace Uganda (PTPU), Shay helped re-integrate former child soldiers and reunite them with their loved ones to create lasting peace across Ugandan communities. She then embarked on her entrepreneurial journey when she launched a globally curated retail store called Small World Venice – which facilitated livelihood programs for women who had escaped from the LRA, and served as their entry into the global market.