Diana Meditz

Diana Meditz serves as a senior AI product manager in the BNY Mellon AI Hub and has more than 10 years of experience in the areas of strategy development, strategic initiative execution and technology prioritization. As an AI Product Manager, Diana is the pivotal link between business operations and data scientists. She leads complex AI projects, including defining the requirements for our solutions and ensuring that the developed solutions are valuable and practical for the business.

Meditz’s primary goal is to shape and deliver AI solutions that yield substantial commercial value.

Additionally, a central aspect of her role involves demystifying AI concepts across the organization. By translating complex AI capabilities into understandable terms, she empowers employees to envision the potential applications of AI in their daily work. It’s crucial for everyone in the organization to grasp the art of the possible, and she takes on the responsibility of keeping them informed about the latest AI advancements, including technologies like ChatGPT. This continuous culture fosters a culture of innovation and exploration.

Meditz is passionate about developing female talent and is the chair of BNY Mellon’s Women in AI initiative, which aims to provide women working and interested in AI a forum to connect, learn and build confidence.