DeAsia McCorvey






Advertising and Public Relations with a minor in Journalism

Expected Graduation Date

May 2024

Your go-to fun fact

I collect Funko Pops

Your “feel good” album

RUSH! by Måneskin

If you had to be any type of bird, what type of bird would you be?

Harpy Eagle or Egret, they are patient and think things through before they act.

What motivates you to be a changemaker in your community?

There’s nothing in particular that motivates me, I simply want to my community and the surrounding areas to evolve into something that benefits everyone.

My Capstone:

My capstone project will educate people about housing laws and make finding housing more accessible. I know the application process is rigorous and competitive, and to many applicants seems daunting, but by providing information on the process of filling out the housing application, more people will find renting or owning a home accessible.