Darci Frigo

Darci Frigo, the founder of the NGO Terra de Direitos (TDD), fights to give land to the landless, put an end to modern-day slavery, ensure more sustainable stewardship of the land and protect Brazil’s biodiversity.

He is a former seminarian and passionate defender of the landless poor in Brazil. As an attorney he advocates for human rights with the Pastoral Land Commission, an ecumenical arm of the social ministry of the National Conference of Brazilian Bishops and the leading organization for human rights protection in rural Brazil. Through the commission Frigo has organized rural labor unions and represents squatters involved in land disputes.

In 1986, Frigo was accused of defamation for exposing a federal representative who forced children to perform hard labor. In 1993 Frigo was threatened by military police while representing a client. In 1999 he was attacked and detained by military police in Curitiba. In early 2000, he received three death threats. In spite of all the efforts to stop his work Frigo continues his fight on behalf of the landless poor.

“The recognition by RFK Human Rights is going to open many doors so that we will be able to ask the support of international organizations for our projects. At the same time, it will help us to maintain agrarian reform in the Brazilian political agenda,” Darci Frigo.