Anik Bose

General Partner, Benhamou Global Ventures; Executive Director, Ethical AI Governance Group

Anik Bose has 18 years of active venture capital and corporate development experience, including 7 years as SVP, Corporate Development at 3Com, and 11 years as General Partner at Benhamou Global Ventures. As a general partner at BGV, Bose is very active in every portfolio investment, including being a board member of Webscale Networks, Constella Intelligence, Drishti Labs, Spyderbat and Blue Cedar. Bose focuses on investments in the areas of AI, cloud and cybersecurity. He is also responsible for leading BGV’s Customer Advisory Board and for implementing ESG within the firm. Bose is the founder of EAIGG, a diverse community of AI practitioners focused on democratizing the growth of ethical AI governance through best practice innovations around AI governance, data privacy and AI climate change tech.

As a senior operational executive, Bose architected the creation and launch of the fastest growing Asian networking company H3C, a joint venture between Huawei and 3Com. Bose was the lead executive for 3Com who oversaw the growth of H3C, resolved day to day operational issues, worked closely with H3C management, nurtured the Huawei strategic relationship and ultimately negotiated the buyout of Huawei’s ownership stake by 3Com in late 2006. Earlier in his career, Bose served as a Partner in the High Technology Strategy Practice of Deloitte Management Consulting in San Francisco as well as a Principal in the High-Tech Strategy Practice of Gemini Management Consulting.

Bose enjoys activities such as hiking, traveling, and studying ancient wisdom teachings. He holds an MBA from Boston College and a BA in economics from the University of Delhi, India. He and his wife live in California.