Amy Bach

Amy Bach received the 2010 RFK Book Award for Ordinary Injustice.

In Ordinary Injustice, Bach details the everyday failings of the American justice system. Her well-researched and reported work argues that because those affected by the American justice system’s failures tend to be poor or minorities, these individuals are often overlooked, and because problems are so pervasive, they’ve become invisible to defenders, prosecutors and judges.

Amy Bach, a member of the New York bar, has written on law for The Nation, The American Lawyer, and New York Magazine, among other publications. For her work in progress on Ordinary Injustice, Bach received a Soros Media Fellowship, a special J. Anthony Lukas citation, and a Radcliffe Fellowship. She was a Knight Foundation Journalism Fellow at Yale Law School. A graduate of Stanford Law School, she lives in Rochester, New York where she has founded an organization called Measures for Justice to act on her book’s conclusions.