James Alexander and Team

High School Print Winner

“Cheering Through It All,” Alexis Christo, North Star, Francis Howell North High School

College Journalism Winner

“M-Powered: University of Mississippi Students Learn through Service in Belize,” Patricia Thompson, University of Mississippi

Domestic Print Winner

“Prognosis: Profits,” James Alexander, Karen Garloch, Joseph Neff, David Raynor, Jim Walser, and Steve Riley, The Charlotte Observer and The News & Observer

International Print Winner

“The iEconomy,” Charles Duhigg, The New York Times

Domestic Photography Winner

“Embracing Uncle Charlie,” Marc Asnin, CNN Photos

Radio Winner

“An ‘Occupational Hazard’: Rape in the Military,” Bob Edwards, The Bob Edwards Show, SiriusXM

New Media Winner

“Beyond 7 Billion,” Kenneth Weiss and Rick Loomis, Los Angeles Times

Cartoon Winner

Jen Sorensen

Domestic Television Winner

“Poor Kids,” Jezza Newman, PBS/Frontline

International Television Winner

“Lobster Trap,” Catherine Olian and Natalie Morales, NBC News/Rock Center with Brian Williams