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Violence at the Capitol and Attacks on Our Democracy

The violence that took place in the nation’s Capitol building yesterday was an attack on our democracy and on our people, and the political leaders responsible must be held accountable.

Our organization is rooted in the quest for a more just and peaceful world for all people, and we cannot allow lies about this election—in which millions took part, and the results of which have been so thoroughly vetted—to undermine the will of the electorate and disrupt the peaceful transfer of power.

The flagrant campaign to create and foment distrust about the election results directly led to the angry mob that threatened our government, and the political leaders responsible must be confronted. We demand immediate bold action from Congress to hold the president accountable along with all the senators, representatives, and state legislators who, like he, were complicit in inciting the attack—either by perpetuating his falsehoods or by their silence. We must ensure the integrity of our democracy, and the democratic process, in which the will of the people determines the actions of our leaders and our government serves and protects us all.