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Today’s Missed Deadline for Family Reunification

The Trump Administration is missing its own self-imposed deadline to reunify immigrant families and end the human rights violation they imposed on our country. Though this is not as prevalent in the current news cycle, it’s imperative that we remember that July 26th is passing with children still locked in cages and Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen stating that the agency has the ‘intention’ of reunifying all families they find ‘suitable.’

We must continue to expose this White House for the bigoted value system they continue to inflict on the innocent. We maintain their intentions are immoral and their plan unsuitable for meeting any legal or ethical threshold. This combination of incompetence and cruelty will keep parents apart from their own kids indefinitely for crossing the border – the equivalent of a misdemeanor offense.

We have seen these government-sanctioned actions before in our recent past and the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights team is committed to ensuring history does not repeat itself. Our team will use its resources and voice to strengthen the coalition of reporters and organizations like RAICES and the ALCU to end these illegal government policies.