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This Week’s Spotlight on Human Rights

Spying, Hacking and Intimidation: Israel’s Nine-Year ‘War’ on the ICC Exposed

When the chief prosecutor of the international criminal court (ICC) announced he was seeking arrest warrants against Israeli and Hamas leaders, he issued a cryptic warning: “I insist that all attempts to impede, intimidate or improperly influence the officials of this court must cease immediately.”

UN Panel Underscores Need for Monitoring Abuses at Borders

A United Nations Human Rights Council panel on May 15 shed light on the crisis of human rights violations against migrants at borders worldwide. At the session, survivors and civil society representatives presented harrowing testimonies, emphasizing the need for greater action to prevent abuses and ensure accountability.

Briefly Open to a Fair-Looking Election, Venezuela Reverses Course Again

Venezuelan officials rescinded an invitation to the European Union to observe the upcoming July 28 presidential elections, another stark sign that President Nicolás Maduro is unlikely to cede power despite allowing an opposition candidate to run against him.

UN Establishes International Day of Reflection for Srebrenica Genocide

Adopting a resolution with the same title, the Assembly also asked the Secretary-General to establish an outreach programme on the Srebrenica genocide in preparation for the 30th anniversary next year.It further condemned any denial of the Srebrenica genocide as a historical event and called on Member States to preserve the established facts, including through their educational systems, towards preventing denial and distortion, and any occurrence of genocide in the future.