Our Voices

Take Action Against the ‘Mindless Menace of Violence’


  • Amplify and support demands to shift municipal budgets away from policing & incarceration back to the human-centered services communities need, like education, housing, healthcare, and opportunity. Support national efforts by Black Lives Matter and the Movement for Black Lives, and contact local officials in Minneapolis, New York, the District of Columbia, and nationwide.
  • Center and support local, Black-led organizations leading the charge against police violence and building power in their own communities.
  • For RFKHR supporters, double down on your commitments, so that we may work even harder with frontline advocates to end money bail and roll back mass incarceration, support young leaders to speak their truth to power, and defend the right to protest around the globe.
  • Join your local protests and support protesters who are putting their bodies on the line through mutual aid networks and bail funds.
  • Get educated and educate those around you. If you’re looking for a place to start, here are several incredible resources to dive deeper in your own political education.
  • Share our video with the hashtag #RFKHumanRights