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Statement on Detention of Al Jazeera Journalist Mahmoud Hussein

As soon as we learned of Mahmoud Hussein’s incarceration, we knew he was wrongfully detained. That’s why we brought his case to the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention, who ruled in agreement last January. Today, after years of inaction, the Egyptian government finally moved to act in accordance with the international ruling.

We’ve been fighting alongside Mahmoud Hussein’s family, colleagues, and other advocates for nearly 3 years. We are of course pleased to see he’s been released from his unlawful detention. However – make no mistake – while Mahmoud will no longer be held in a cage, we remain concerned that he may subjected to compounded punishment through burdensome probation measures for a crime he did not commit. We will continue to work through all means necessary to ensure that Mahmoud will be truly free.

We are optimistic by the action taken by the Egyptian government today in ordering Mahmoud’s release, but highly disappointed to see that a probation will remain, and concerned for the continued suppression of journalism and transparency in the country. We will be closely monitoring the situation along to be sure Mahmoud, and all other journalists across the country, are no longer wrongfully punished.

Case Update: In defiance of the court ordered release issued last month, the Egyptian authorities continue to hold Mahmoud Hussein in detention under new, and demonstrably false, allegations. RFK is still working tirelessly to secure his release