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Statement by Kerry Kennedy on Aya Hijazi’s Return to the United States

Over the last several weeks, Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights worked closely with the Trump administration to ensure Aya’s case was prioritized at the highest levels, and we are deeply grateful to President Trump for his personal engagement in resolving Aya’s case.

This is day of celebration for Aya Hijazi, Mohamed Hassanein and the volunteers of the Belady Foundation. Their strength through adversity serves as a model for all who seek to make our world just and peaceful. Aya and Mohamed stood up for ideals, acted to improve the lot of others and sent forth ripples of hope. We are grateful for their example, and to all those who helped make today possible.

All of us at Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights and around the world look forward to hearing Aya Hijazi’s voice for decades to come.

Please direct media inquiries to Max Burns, Director of Communications, at [email protected].