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This Week’s Spotlight on Human Rights


Across the world, journalists are under threat for sharing the truth

Conflict in Gaza, war in Ukraine, a battle over the global environment – the world is becoming an increasingly hostile place, particularly for frontline journalists. Last year saw 99 killings of reporters, up 44% on 2022 and the highest toll since 2015. Without the courage of correspondents to continue working in conflict areas, press organisations warn the world will start to see “zones of silence”, where the risks are so great that important stories go unreported.

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UN Human Rights Chief troubled by law enforcement actions against protesters at universities

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Volker Türk said he was troubled by a series of heavy-handed steps taken to disperse and dismantle protests across university campuses in the United States of America. “Freedom of expression and the right to peaceful assembly are fundamental to society – particularly when there is sharp disagreement on major issues, as there are in relation to the conflict in the Occupied Palestinian Territory and Israel,” said Türk.

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Most Americans say a free press is highly important to society

A large majority of Americans see the freedom of the press as highly important to the well-being of society. But many express concerns about potential restrictions on press freedoms in the United States – and say that political and financial interests already have a lot of influence on news organizations. These findings come from a new Pew Research Center survey ahead of World Press Freedom Day on May 3.

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